We don't employ clerks - we employ cargo whisperers

The success of our company is based on the skills, motivation and customer focus of our cargo whisperers.

That’s why we don’t just dispatch shipments. Our cargo whisperers are often involved before the actual transport:

  • cargo whisperers advise our customers on transport routes, means of transport, transport insurance, Incoterms, documentary requirements, customs clearance, transit times and much more
  • cargo whisperers search for solutions for special requirements
  • cargo whisperers create quotations tailored-made to customer needs
  • cargo whisperers negotiate with other service providers in order to guarantee the best possible service
  • cargo whisperers communicate directly with our partners worldwide and when needed with suppliers and consignees in Europe
  • cargo whisperers check shipping documents and shipping instructions for completeness, correctness and conformity
  • cargo whisperers give instructions to transport companies, customs clearance partners and freight forwarders at home and abroad
  • cargo whisperers work in a team and exchange information with each other
  • cargo whisperers are flexible, react quickly and take responsibility
  • cargo whisperers combine orders to guarantee optimal loading
  • cargo whisperers monitor the progress of the shipment
  • cargo whisperers make decisions when the transport process does not turn out as expected
  • cargo whisperers check and approve invoices from service providers
  • cargo whisperers document discrepancies in order to improve quality
  • cargo whisperers further educate themselves internally and externally


Cargo whisperers don’t take care of shipments, they take care of customers – benefitting both the customer and the cargo whisperer. Which side do you want to be on?

Teamwork | We don't employ clerks - we employ cargo whisperers