Cargo handling

In June 2018, we made it possible for our customers to experience the airport operations in the cargo area at first hand. Working with our partners Cathay Pacific Airways and Cargologic, who made the airport tour possible in the first place, we were able to give 20 clients an exciting and instructive morning followed by lunch.

For many, the logistics of a freight consignment are largely unknown and unimaginable – which complex, interconnected systems and processes are involved. It requires a perfect organization to bring a package or a pallet from the pickup at the customer to the loading on the plane. The insight into the hectic everyday life in the cargo area of Zurich Airport has fascinated many customers and made them much more aware that you cannot simply change something “quickly” or alter something behind the scenes.

The greatest fascination was, as always, the transition into the interior of the aircraft. From the hull of the machine, where the cargo is stowed, up to the first class compartment and the cockpit. In fact, a holiday mood developed in one or the other customers. After a 3-hour guided tour, a relaxed lunch was partaken of in the Restaurant “Air” in Terminal 2, where everyone could exchange views on the many interesting impressions gained.

We would like to say “thank you”, and due to the large positive feedback we will organize another airport tour again next year and we are looking forward to a new and always exciting tour.

With this in mind … happy flying


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