Cargo Whisperers

We’ve got that puppy-dog look too.

Winning clients for InTraLog with our puppy-dog look? We, the cargo whisperers, have opted for a different approach. We …

  • take care
  • take the time
  • are honest
  • listen attentively
  • value quality
  • seek and find solutions
  • are accessible
  • solve logistics and transport requirements
  • are competent
  • are motivated
  • are creative in finding solutions
  • are transparent in our processes
  • prioritize customer needs
  • have lean leadership structures and thus are efficient and flexible
  • continually educate ourselves
  • value long-term partnerships
  • offer tailored solutions
  • are certified (ISO 9001, AEO)
  • have status (ZE, ZV)
  • advise
  • train
  • have a wide range of services
  • are highly skilled employees
  • love our work
  • identify with the company
  • are grounded
  • think long term


All of this makes a cargo whisperer. The order is arbitrary. Our clients have very different expectations of us. What are yours?