Express transport, special transport and courier shipments

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More and more flexible transport solutions and courier shipments are in greater demand, especially when it comes to time-sensitive issues. Express shipments and special transport have been part of our daily work for many years. Many customers trust our experience from thousands of shipments, where we have found the ways and means to meet the requirements. The result is an excellent and proven network of partners that we can fall back on at any time.

In addition to the fastest possible organization and execution of the transport, we also look for and find the best possible customs clearance solution or the ideal border crossing, as well as the optimal means of transport for your express shipment.

Our express experts keep surprising and find solutions for things that seemed impossible at the beginning.

  • Feasibility study and price indication within a very short time
  • Secure the means of transport most suited to the express shipment
  • Short-term acceptance of consignments throughout Europe
  • Express Transport-experienced drivers
  • On-board courier
  • Complete transport monitoring
  • Continuous flow of information to everyone involved in the transport
  • professional preparation and execution of customs clearance
  • on request: around the clock service 24/7
  • Fair price / performance ratio
  • Competent consultation
  • Temperature-controlled and/or dangerous goods transport in express mode


Fast, precise, reliable. Do you need anything more?

Express | Express transport, special transport and courier shipments