Refrigerated Container Transport
We remain cool

When it comes to handling refrigerated containers (also called reefers), special skills are needed. The requirements for all aspects of frozen food logistics are diverse and demanding.

We keep a cool head even in heated situations and ensure that the transport and customs clearance of perishable goods run smoothly.

We offer you a complete logistics solution for your frozen products so that you can concentrate fully on your core business.

Do you import goods of animal origin? Cool ! We take care of the veterinary declaration at the port of entry for you.

Do you import wild fish or seafood? Cool ! We make the reports to the relevant authorities.

Do you need assistance with import customs clearance? Cool ! We assist you with your questions or when clarification is needed.


Thanks to our many years of experience, amongst others we can offer you the following services:

  • Transport of refrigerated containers from the European seaports to Switzerland in combined transport (environmentally friendly overnight)
  • Transport of containers from Antwerp / Rotterdam by Rhine ship
  • Transport by refrigerated truck or container by truck with equipped genset (= technical term for generator set, i.e. electricity generator)
  • Customs warehouse in Rotterdam for your frozen products
  • Veterinary declarations in the European port of entry
  • Customs clearance and customs documents
  • Deliveries by Swiss freight forwarders
  • Fixed contact person
  • as well as the handling of transport (including sea freight) from the country of departure


Contact us and together we will find the coolest solution for you!

Refrigerated Container Transport | We remain cool