Small Parcels EU
Innovative solutions with added value

Sending parcels abroad can be a logistical challenge for Swiss suppliers:

  • How do we optimize the process in parcel shipping?
  • How do we organize the customs clearance process?
  • Does each package have to be cleared individually?
  • Who pays the import sales tax in the receiving country?
  • Which parcel service provider is the right one for us?
  • How do we obtain the best conditions for parcel shipping?


Currently we ship over 100,000 parcels per year on behalf of our customers and work together with all well-known parcel distributors. We know their strengths and weaknesses and can judge them neutrally.

The cheapest is not always the best.

We do not analyse your parcel volume based on the parcel volume, but based on the consignee structure and your requirements for the parcel service provider.

Your benefit is our knowledge of the market, our experience as well as our optimized processes and our tariff – based on our package volumes.

We inform you about the service levels of the individual service providers and save you countless meetings with the various providers.

Together with you, we develop sensible and attractive customs clearance models that offer you more opportunities on the German market and the EU internal market.

Contact us – we are guaranteed to be the right company for you!

Small Parcels EU | Innovative solutions with added value