Crosstrade Europe
Triangular trade without any detours (to Switzerland)

A full truck-load from Poland to Holland. 2 pallets from the Czech Republic to Spain. 1 case from Germany to Hungary.

These are daily demands placed on us as a Swiss freight forwarding company. Many of our customers now also have production facilities outside of Switzerland or buy spare parts and want to supply their customers directly – in order to save time and money.

Such crosstrades require a very good knowledge of the market and knowledge of the regional conditions at the loading and unloading locations. You have to keep an eye on the public holidays and the country-specific driving bans, as well as the correct transport documentation. We are happy to provide our customers with such know-how.

If you can fall back on a well-functioning network of freight companies, customs agents and local partners, crosstrades within Europe do not present any problems.

In addition to the transport options, we can also advise you on questions about the correct VAT processes for such triangular transactions.

InTraLog offers all of this. Do you also want to have your triangular business under control?

Crosstrade Europe | Triangular trade without any detours (to Switzerland)