Important information on the abolition of industrial duties

As you have surely already learned from Swiss Customs, the Swiss authorities have decided to eliminate various industrial tariffs as of 01.01.2024.

What does this mean for you now?

Industrial duties:

Import duties on all industrial products will be set at CHF 0.00.

Exceptions : a few agricultural products (incl. animal feed), beverages (wine)

chapters 35 and 38.

All 779 tariff concessions, customs concessions, chapters 25-97 are repealed.

No repeal of taxes and duties on imports, e.g. petroleum tax, alcohol tax, automobile tax, value-added tax and VOC incentive tax, etc. still due.

Tariff structure:

Will be simplified, i.e. the last two digits of the eight-digit tariff numbers (the CH sub-numbers) will be replaced by 00.

Omission of Swiss breakdowns generally very simple (especially unit weight, processing, etc.).

How should you handle proofs of origin in the future?

If it is certain at import that goods will definitely remain/consumed in Switzerland, proof of origin no longer required

If cumulated (further processed) or re-exported with proof of origin, proof of origin required, no change

Preference assessment:
Free Trade Agreement: Yes
General Preference System: No

Please advise your foreign producers that in cases where a proof of origin is required despite duty-free treatment, it will be issued.

Please instruct your customs clearance service provider if preference assessments are required.


VAT will also change from January 2024.

7.7% will be new 8.1%.

2.5% will be new 2.6%.

For more info, please visit: – Aufhebung Industriezölle

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