LCL general cargo
Top service at a top price

Our Swiss-Consol LCL service offers you a consolidated container service for general cargo shipments from 187 ports worldwide –  55 of them with direct services to Rotterdam without transhipment for even faster transit times.

We consolidate all of our import general cargo shipments in Rotterdam and depart daily by truck to Switzerland, where we clear your shipments through customs within 24 hours and deliver the following day.

This means that your LCL shipments can be planned almost to the day, from collection at the factory through to delivery, thereby providing a more accurate supply chain.

  • 187 ports of departure worldwide in consolidated container service with departures according to timetable
  • 55 ports of departure with direct connections without transhipment
  • Excellent freight rates
  • Simple freight cost calculation
  • Additional reliability for your transit time planning
  • Confirmation of the delivery date prior to shipment


Naturally this service works in both directions.

We can also offer you the whole world from one single source for your Export LCL shipments with daily departures to Rotterdam and Antwerp. Try out our reliable service!

LCL general cargo | Top service at a top price