«InTraLog is a success story thanks to reliability, know-how and customer orientation.»
Thomas Radauer, CEO of InTraLog Hermes
«Customer satisfaction starts with ideal transport management and ends with precise invoicing.»
Boris Zalewski, Head of Shared Services Finance Switzerland
«In the transport sector, you have everything in view and you have to constantly react to new situations - like at the Döggeli box.»
Maurizio Incognito, Quality and Process Manager
«Driving a truck is not a job - it's a vocation.»
Jean Pierre, truck driver
«Ball and transport - everything under control.»
Marco Sibilla, Dispatcher Italy
«Olive oil is a top product. You too can get a taste of InTraLog.»
Antonio Buglione, Manager General Cargo
«Great achievements are almost always the work of many and almost never of just one. We do our best and work with empathy and trust to achieve great things together.»
Davor Valentic, Head of Central Europe
«Great things are never accomplished by one person alone. They are mastered by a team.»
Isabel Santic, Manager Customs, and Robin Birrfelder, Dispatcher
«We are not the loudest and not the biggest but problem solvers and professionals - just cargo whisperers.»
Peter Eckert, Sales and Marketing Manager - and Cargo Whisperer
«I love to inspire people instead of convincing them - that's why I am a passionate salesman!»
Nenad Dukic, passionate Cargo Whisperer
«The power of the seas is my daily drive.»
Thomas Haller, Route Development Manager and Cargo Whisperer